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08-11 Evolution X TurboXS Catpipe and Racepipe

The TurboXS Evolution X High Flow Race/Cat-pipe

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The TurboXS Evolution X High Flow Cat-pipe allows you to bolt on horsepower while staying 50 states legal with a Catalytic Converter on the car. Designed to be used with our EVOX-FP & EVOX-CBE. A must have if the vehicle will need to taken through emission testing. Specs: 100 cell Metal Matrix


The TurboXS Evolution X Race pipe is the key to big horsepower gains. Removing the 2nd catalytic converters on the vehicle will give you an additional 10whp gain when used our EVOX-FP & EVOX-CBE and no other mods. The results only get better when running higher boost pressure and proper engine management.