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AGP FMIC for 08-10 Mitsubishi Evolution X

AGP FMIC for 08-10 Mitsubishi Evolution X

The AGP front mount intercooler for the 2008-2010 Evo X

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Enhance the performane of your 2008-up Mitsubishi Evolution X with the first front mount intercooler available, and now with cast end tanks! The AGP Turbo FMIC features cast aluminum end tanks attached to a 20x13x3.5" bar and plate core. This core has the largest surface area of any other core on the market. This assembly fits perfectly in the factory location and does NOT require you to remove or trim any portion of the stock bumper support. It also clears the factory lower under-tray so you do not need to remove it. It cools at 90-99% efficiency under almost all conditions and has less than .75psi pressure drop at 450 hp of airflow. You couldn't heat soak this if you tried.

Throughout our dyno testing on the Evo X, we kept seeing timing retard (knock) around 5000rpm with the factory intercooler and 91 octane gas, where the power would drop. Since we upgraded to this intercooler, we've noticed consistant power across the board due to a cooler air charge. Back to back pulls on the dyno now result in identical power curves due to no heatsoak. This is a great upgrade for a stock Evo X, and will help you make more and more power down the road as we continue to release products.

Dyno results showed peak gains of 20 ft/lbs and 25 whp, and nowhere did it lose power throughout the RPM range. This is on a car with a stock turbo, minor bolt ons, and a very conservative ECUTEK tune.


The FMIC includes:

20x13x3.5 bar and plate core
Silicone hoses and clamps
All necessary installation hardware
**2010 models will require a new mounting bracket as Mitsubishi decided to change the lower intercooler mount. $25**