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Mazdaspeed 3 Front Mount Intercooler Kit

Mazdaspeed 3 Front Mount Intercooler Kit

TurboXS Front Mount Intercooler... Core big enough to support all of your Mazdaspeed 3 Power needs! 300whp - 600whp One Intercooler!

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The leading cause of inconsistent horsepower output from your Mazdaspeed 3’s MZR 2.3 DISI powerplant is due to inconsistent air intake temperatures. When you drive your MS3 hard, the tiny stock Top Mount Intercooler quickly becomes heat soaked. Intake temps rise quickly and power output drops off accordingly. Sure, you could replace your stock TMIC with an aftermarket TMIC that is slightly larger than the stock TMIC, but that only delays the inevitable heat soak that comes from having a small intercooler core that is positioned smack on top of your hot engine. So what’s a MS3 owner to do?