What are wheel spacers?

Wheel spacers are metal plates that are installed between the wheel and the hub of a vehicle. They add space between the wheel and the hub, which can be used to clear larger tires, improve handling, or give the vehicle a wider stance.

What are the benefits of using wheel spacers?

They can be used to clear larger tires. This is especially useful if you are running off-road tires or tires with a lot of sidewall.

They can improve handling. By moving the wheels outboard, wheel spacers can help to reduce body roll and improve the overall handling of the vehicle.

They can give the vehicle a wider stance. This can be a matter of personal preference, but some people believe that a wider stance makes the vehicle look more aggressive.

What are the risks of using wheel spacers?

Installing a set of wheel spacers is no different than running a set of wider wheels and tires.

How much space should I add with wheel spacers?

Typically 15mm - 20mm works well for most applications. In 95% of the applications we sell, we have a standard fitment size as default to take the guess works out buying. If you are unsure feel free to email us for help, we are happy to do so. Sales@garageline.com

What type of wheel spacers should I buy?

All of our spacers are hubcentric, which is a designed to match the oem hub bore. This is required to give you a vibration free installation.

How should I install wheel spacers?

It is important to install wheel spacers correctly to avoid any problems. The following steps should be followed:

Clean the hub of the vehicle with a wire brush if you have one

Install the wheel spacers onto the hub.

Install the wheels onto the spacers.

Torque the lug nuts to the specified torque.

Typically we recommend 90 - 100 ft. lbs to the hub and the wheel.

Are wheel spacers safe?

Wheel spacers can be safe if they are installed correctly and used within the recommended limits. If you are not comfortable installing them you should find a professional to do the installation. 

How many spacers are included?

If you buy one Pair, it will be 2 wheel spacers. If you by Front & Rear this will be a set of 4 wheel spacers.

I hope this FAQ helps you learn more about wheel spacers. If you have any other questions please email us at sales@garageline.com.