TurboXS 2015 - 2019 WRX Top Mount Intercooler


TurboXS 2015 - 2019 WRX Top Mount Intercooler 


The TurboXS Top Mount Intercooler is the best bang for buck Intercooler on the market. Made with quality and pure function in mind. The TurboXS 2015 - 2019 WRX Top Mount Intercooler is hands down the best value on the market. A brand that has been around since the beginning of the Subaru Craze and solid manufacturer of performance parts for your WRX

Top Mount Intercooler Features:

A Super Thick Core Dimension (13x10x4)

CAD Developed Endtanks to give you superior flow and great fitment

Bar and Plate Core for great temperature drop and low pressure drop

Fits with the Stock Intercooler Pipes or Aftermarket Units

All Hardware Included to install