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08-11 Mitsubishi Evolution X TurboXS FMIC

08-11 Mitsubishi Evolution X TurboXS FMIC

TurboXS EVOX FMIC Designed with a true power enthusiast goals in mind.

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TurboXS Evolution X Front Mount Intercooler Kit

The Core: Designed with a true power enthusiast goals in mind. We use 19x11.5x3 core with the proper fin density to ensure the best heat dissipation throughout the bar and plate core, while keeping pressure drop to a minimal. The use of a core this size is good for up to 800 hp! On each side of the core we use a 2.5 inch inlet and outlet allow this core to be used as a core only upgrade. Which bolts into the place of your stock intercooler seamlessly. The Pipes: While the factory intercooler piping is sufficient for stock horsepower levels, it is pertinent to upgrade to a hard pipe kit. The benefits of switching from the factory rubber hose over the engine to a hard pipe kit is two fold. One is to aid in the turbochargers efficiency; every bit of boost used to swell a rubber tube means you have to run the turbocharger at a higher boost pressure to make the desired horsepower. Two is to assist the engines response in a boost recovery situation (between shifts). The combination of these items result in faster spool up and more horsepower throughout the rpm band. The hardpipe kit includes T-Bolt Clamps, Black Silicone Couplers and Mirror Polished 2.5 inch mandrel bent piping